Sunday, March 1, 2009

Deadpool #7

Well, it was a tad predictable, but still fun. Did anyone really not see the reason for Bob's return coming? Deadpool and Bob go up against Tiger Shark one last time this issue, with DP finally coming out on top. We also find out who put this contract out on DP, and it is good ol Norman Osborn. I worry about over-using the character, but it seems this is setting up a fight with the Thunderbolts rather than with Norman himself, which is a good move. Although to be honest, I don't see how DP has a chance against the Tbolts, there are just too many competent characters on that team. I'm also unclear on whether Bob is back for good or not, we see a note reading "PS, I killed Bob," but I don't believe it. I'm sure he'll show up again to bumble about. Way's take on DP is fine, and I'm actually going to pick up the upcoming crossover. I will say I'm not the biggest fan of the cartoon fantasies that seem to be popping up so often. I never thought DP was more that crazy, to me he was more like a mean Spidey. Cracking jokes, but not certifiable.

Paco Medina's art is dynamic and keeps things moving nicely. Even DP's crazy fish-man dream is sort of amusing, and the many Die Hard related punchlines are delivered well throughout.


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