Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sub-Mariner: The Depths #1-5

When Peter Milligan is on, he can write the heck out of anything. This series has him doing his best kind of work. A non-continuity story about a scientist who debunks myths, Namor hasn't really been in the series. Sure, there is a "Sub-Mariner" a mythic, almost elemental guardian of lost Atlantis, but he has no dialogue and his main impact is through the reactions of the other characters. The sub of "deep" men set out to follow up on a lost expedition to find Atlantis, but the Sub-Mariner found them. Randolph Stein is the debunker and leader of this sub, but the other crew have the wisdom to fear the deep. Stein is slowly going insane as the series progresses, because each of his carefully constructed scientific beliefs is being destroyed. I was a little shocked at just how far Stein goes in the end, but I shouldn't be, because he's been committing heinous and shady acts the whole series. This was a fascinating series, and it in no way needed to involve a Marvel character called the Sub-Mariner. This could be an excellent movie or novel and it wouldn't have needed to have a comic character in it, so if you approach the book just looking for a well-told horror story, you'll love it.

Esaad Ribic's painting looks haunting and emotional throughout. His most riveting pieces are set in the deep dark, with the weak lights of the subs gleaming out, occasionally shining on something or someone moving in the depths.


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