Friday, March 6, 2009

Secret Six #7

I have been loving this series, but I have to say while the conclusion to the first arc had some nice moments, it didn't quite live up to the awesomeness before it. Junior and the mob of super-assassins catch up with the Secret Six as they attempt to enter Gotham by bridge. Further complicating matters is the appearance of the Gotham-based manipulator and a few members of the Birds of Prey. It all boils down to a huge throwdown on the bridge with some nice moments. I was kind of surprised how easily Catman forgives and forgets about last issue's betrayals, but I like the Six as is, so I'm ok with them moving on. For me the high point of the issue was, of course, Bane. While I feel bad that he's back on the juice, it was awesome seeing a Venom'ed up Bane just owning the battlefield. He broke the Cavalier over his knee just like Batman and was in full rage effect as he turned the tide to help the Six. In the end, a kind of underwhelming sacrifice takes Junior out of the picture (temporarily, I'm certain). Then Scandal just kind of says "it's over" and then it is. I was surprised the villains took it that easy. The ones hoping for money might back off since they fried their employer, but I don't see why the ones after the Neron card itself would give up so easily. I almost felt like the story ended based on schedule more than an actual ending. Simone had woven so many plot threads so masterfully it is hard to see it wrap up so fast. Of course, this is an ongoing so I'm sure there's more fun coming next month.

Nicola Scott's art is good once again. I loved the Bane sequence the most, but the crowd shots of "classic" DC cannon fodder were great. I loved playing "spot the 90s DC villain" all issue long.


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