Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Captain Britain & MI 13#10

Captain Britain keeps on trucking along, moving into the potentially-awesome Dracula story. Paul Cornell plays up a racist angle to Dracula that I don't think I've seen before, making him have a strong dislike of Muslims. In fact, Dracula attempts to sell his alliance to Dr. Doom as one that would help keep Muslims away from Doom's borders. Doom is having none of that, it seems, although he does eventually go along with the alliance. It seems Dracula wants Doom to keep the Illuminaughty away from Great Britain so that it can become a new homeland for vampires. Pretty cool idea, I'd say, and it is off to a good start. We see Wisdom and Cap out for a night on the town with some backpacking tourists (aren't they a tad young for those two guys?), although their night comes to a rough end. Blade gets some great characterization as we see him integrating into Spitfire's world. Spitfire is the life of the party, a fun gal that it seems everyone wants to be around, and it takes a bit for Blade to finally mellow out and join in, and he's glad he does. The old-fashioned approach Blade exhibits is fun too, especially since it should be coming from Spitfire. Black Knight finally heads down to Wakanda to get his ebony blade back, and the best part about this sequence is that Dane is back in his full costume. I wish they'd use this instead of the leather jacket. That Pascal Ferry-designed suit is still sweet. I also like that Faiza and Dane may be hooking up since that guy can't be on a team without causing romantic problems. All the character-arcs come to a simlar end though, since Dracula wants MI 13 out of the way.

Leonard Kirk's pencils are great. This is a solid book and one of my favorites every month.


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