Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Justice Society of America #24

Ugh. I HATE that design for Mary Marvel. It is amazing to me that the Shazam family used to be one of my favorite parts about the DCU, and now it has become unrecognizable. Even if Mary had to be evil, I would have preferred her Dark Mary suit from Countdown to the awful/strange one designed by J.G. Jones. Heck, at this point I don't want Final Crisis touching anything else because I don't understand how it fits in! It is interesting that so few characters are involved in this story. With the JSA heading after Isis and Black Adam, you'd think we'd have more heavy hitters along. I do like seeing Atom Smasher, since he's a neat conflicted character. But man, more than anything else, the recent issues of JSA have made me annoyed at the original members. Wildcat is a jerk to Atom Smasher throughout the issue, and at this point I'd like to see the spurned next generation form their own team and leave the grumpy old men to themselves. I say again, isn't Power Girl the leader of this team? Why the heck are they calling the shots? The Origins and Omens backup was ok, but I've found them to be almost unreadable. I think there is some potential there with Power Girl and Magog, but we'll see where it goes. I do like enough of the team to be certain to stick around for Sturges and Willingham.

Jerry Ordway turns in solid work here, although my favorite parts are the scenes he lifts from the classic Power of Shazam hardcover from years ago. It almost seems like there isn't room for this type of fun right now. Now if this is an exercise to restore the good status quo for Billy Batson, I am fine with that.


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