Thursday, March 12, 2009

Skaar: Son of Hulk #8

I'm back for a random issue partly to check in, but mostly to see Ron Lim draw the Silver Surfer. Sure, this incarnation is the Silver Savage, but I still love seeing Lim handle the character again. It seems the Red King is back alive and now assisting Skaar in destroying Axeman Bone. I'm still confused by all the alien factions and characters in this title. So Axeman Bone and the Red King's daughter are villains, but the Red King is good? Or are Skaar and Red King both bad guys now, as Caiera's voiceover text theorizes. It certainly seems like Skaar is pretty darn evil here, not giving a whit for any slaves or victims dealing with the fallout of his violence. Silver Surfer is also pretty quick to try and help them for a guy who kills whole planets at a time. It is neat seeing the Death's Head robots here, I wonder if they are linked up to the bots back at Project Pegasus on Earth? I'd say this is Greg Pak in the middle of his ranges, this isn't as bad as War Song, but it is not as good as Planet Hulk either. I'm not sure what the upcoming Skaar event is, but it seems it may be World War Hulk only with an evil Hulk.

Ron Lim was one of my first favorites. He draws THE Silver Surfer for me, so I loved his take on the character.


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J Lee said...

This series is definitely worth a second look in. Maybe when the trade is released?