Friday, March 13, 2009

Guardians of the Galaxy #11

Well, they can't all be winners. DnA miss the mark this issue, with an issue spent focused on two characters who actually seem less interesting after reading this issue. The new Quasar hasn't been too interesting and this is no different. She's pining after an even less interesting character, Moondragon. Drax the Destroyer is usually pretty fun, but he spends most of the issue explaining the whole Marvel U avatar concept to Quasar. The problem is, when Drax explains it, it doesn't seem as fun as it used to in Gruenwald's Quasar or in the Inifinity Gauntlet. The talking actually makes it seem LESS fun. Maelstrom shows up as the villain, and again, I haven't seen him since the long-running Quasar series, but he seemed a whole lot less scary here, more crazy. The problem boils down to less interesting conflicts starring lesser character against leser baddies. I suppose after 10 excellent issues I can give DnA a break, but I'm worried part of of this story in issue 12 will be just as bad. Hopefully after that we'll get back to Star-Lord, Rocket, and the cool part of this team.

The art by Wesley Craig is pretty sparse. There are few backgrounds and some of the shots have no details of the main characters, which is an odd choice. He also makes Maelstrom less intimidating by making him a hopping little dude, not the imposing Eternal I thought he was in the old days. Brad Walker was a better fit for this title, so let's hope the change isn't permanent.


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J Lee said...

I too was very disappointed by this issue which stood out in the week's stack as a below average book. I'm hoping that it's a temporary setback.