Saturday, March 21, 2009

Maximum Dinobots #3

Why do the Dinobots spell their name with a "y?" It is pretty darn annoying. Simon Furman is continuing his ongoing battle for Earth story, with only a few autobots on the planet. Hot Rod, Sunstreaker, and the "dynobots" are joined by the monsterbots or some other weird named group I didn't recognize. I do like the use of Shockwave as a terrifying big bad, and Skorponok is suitably evil too, but I just can't get into this story too much. While we don't waste too much time on any humans, the main story just isn't that involving. With none of my favorites in any sort of role here, it is not surprising that I'm preferring All Hail Megatron to this title. This really feels like a housecleaning episode more than anything else. I'm also losing track of plot points, since I have no memory of Lazerbeak or Ravage showing up in IDW's catalogue of TF books. I am pleased to see that Soundwave may be coming though! I love that guy.

Nick Roche's art is acceptable, but I don't really like his take on Swoop. His robots are only ok, as the proportions seem a bit off. But his dinosaurs and the carnage they wreak look great.


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