Monday, March 9, 2009

Green Lantern #38

Ok. I'm coming around. If the different corps actually have different power sets, then this whole war of light thing may not be as bad as I'd feared. It seems only the yellow and green rings can actually create constructs. The Red Lanterns yell "hraarggh" and puke acid, and the blue lanterns can boost the power of a GL. So basically the BL's are turbo boosters for the GLs, and I'll admit that is an interesting concept. We didnt' have to suffer too long as Hal does overcome his rage with the help of a Blue Lantern ring, but unfortunately that leaves Hal pretty confused at the close of this issue too, as half his uniform is blue and the other is green, so what exactly is he? Geoff Johns spends a lot of time on Carol Ferris this issue too, as it seems she will be signing up with the new Star Sapphires. I have no issue with that, since that is a long-standing part of her character. One note, who calls themselves Cowgirl out of uniform and on her boyfriend's phone to an ex-girlfriend? Crazy.

I will admit to being amused at the ginourmous chests the Star Sapphire's are sporting, I'd figure Guy Gardner would be up for a team-up any day of the week. The Origins and Omens backup didn't really have too much new information, but I'm more certain than ever that Katma Tui, Jade, and possibly more dead GL-exes will be showing up in Blackest Night. The Controllers serving as the bosses for the Orange Lanterns is a good idea too, since we know they are cosmic manipulators and it fits their character.

I dig Ivan Reis' art. Sure, the women look all sexxed up, but he handles the aliens and action well. Hal looked pretty cool as he shook off the rage effect of the Red Lanterns, so the art in this one was pretty good.



Newmie Newmz said...

Cowgirl is her pilot call sign.

I'm not saying that the film Top Gun is the official lexicon of fighter pilot lingo, but if you hadn't noticed all the pilots referred to themselves and to each other other exclusively by their call signs. The pilots' spouses (and significant others) referred to the pilots by their call signs, too, rather than the pilots' given names.

Could be a military culture thing.

So maybe it isn't so crazy?

Timbotron said...

I knew it was he call sign, it just seems to be a little... I don't know, bold, to call yourself a name like that to an ex-girlfriend, you know?

Newmie Newmz said...

I guess what I am getting at is that it may not even be a conscious effort on her part.

If she is called Cowgirl all day long by colleagues and peers and refers to herself that way all the time, then it probably just rolls off the tongue when speaking to everyone.

I don't think she's trying to intimidate Carol intentionally.