Monday, March 9, 2009

Reign in Hell #8

So Blaze is the queen of hell now, right? Sargon, a guy I don't know, died. Everyone else seems to be roughly where they were at the beginning of this story. This one was a confusing read from start to finish. Why was this story told? Who was the real lead? The protagonists were too ineffective and tangental to the main plot, so what was the point? Did we really lose Shadowpact for this? I suppose there is potential in the twist that the "real" Lobo is back, but what does that mean about 52 and the other Main Man appearances over the years? It seemed like all the human characters had really bad attitudes, I don't remember Doctor Occult being quite this grumpy. I will admit I liked the role Zauriel played as a heavy hitter for Heaven, but that was one of the few things that really stood out to me. Who was that guy who offered to help Blue Devil out of Hell? Was Zauriel kneeling to Blaze? Who were those other guys with Blaze at the end? This book leaves me with more questions than answers, and they are actually questions I'm not sure I care enough to find out the answer.

Tom Derenick's pencils never really mingled with Bill Sienkewicz's inks. I'll look forward to their next separate projects, since I do like each of them on their own.


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