Sunday, March 8, 2009

Savage Dragon #145

Well that was unexpected. The Obama appearance is pretty silly, as Dragon gets a few moments of mutual respect with the Pres, but it kind of made me laugh since Dragon is, relatively speaking, kind of small time in the comic scene. Larsen spends a lot of time reintroducing the core concept of Dragon on the force, even bringing back some characters from early in the series. While I didn't remember any names, I do remember faces from my prime-Dragon days. That's why I'm surprised at what seems to be a pretty big move at the end of the book, necessitating a cast changeover once again. I can't help but feel like Savage Dragon lost its way back around the Savage World story. While the multiple Earths and dimensions aren't confusing things now, it seems Larsen is burning the last bridges to the "core" Dragon that I enjoyed. I'm sure there is more to be seen, but I'm not sure I'll be picking this book up regularly to read it. I'm also wondering where She-Dragon is, I think we haven't seen her for a few issues.

Larsen's art has always been fun, and I continue enjoying it. No one draws bricks smashing it up like he does.


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