Thursday, March 26, 2009

Action Comics #875

I haven't read the Superman books in awhile, switching to trades around the time of the Legion of Super-Heroes story in Action Comics. I decided to drop in and try out the first issue in the new direction of the Super-books and I have to admit, I'm lost. I understand I've missed a lot, I guess Krypton came back, and Zod has sleeper agents all over Earth? It also seems Chris Kent is aging rapidly? I have no idea who Flamebird is, I guess she's a new character? Due to my time missed, I had a very hard time trying to connect with the story, and it is actually looking like I may stay away from the whole New Krypton situation. I'm going to try World of New Krypton 1 that I recently grabbed, but if I'm this disconnected, I can't imagine I'll be picking up these trades. I'm hoping the Legion story and the Brainiac stories are more self contained, because this one really lost me.

I seem to usually like Eddy Barrows art, and I like it again here, with his details always nice and sharp. The super-battle was well choreographed too, with a nice combo of superpowers used in neat ways. However, I really don't care for those weird battle suits Flamebird and Nightwing are wearing. They look vaguely steampunky and Nightwing looks way too much like Star Lord.


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