Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nova #22

Ahh, you tricky little World Mind. So Richard Rider's worries about the World Mind seem to be well-founded. The newest recruits are having a constant stream of endorphins pumped into their brains to keep them excited about serving unquestioningly in the Nova corps, since it seems the World Mind grew tired of Richard Rider's second guessing. What's awesome is that after multiple issues of wondering if the strain of the Nova Force drove Rich insane, it turns out it drove the World Mind over the edge instead. What a neat concept! I loved the little bit with Richard's dad having to drive him to Project Pegasus since he lost his powers. I love that Richard has such a normal life! Project Pegasus seems like it will remain very important in this book, which is great since it is such a unique location with such fun folks involved. I have seen the promo shot of Richard in Quasar's old suit, so I'm betting those two team up soon. I'm predicting Wendell Vaughn will soon be the voice Richard hears while zooming around space.

Andrea DeVito is a good pick for this book. His John Byrne-influenced pencils work equally well on humanoids and aliens, so I think he's a good fit. DeVito's action panels used to seem a bit static, but his newer work is more kinetic and its looking good. This is a top notch creative team, making this what might be my favorite comic every month. (This, Guardians, and Secret Six are probably my top 3.)


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