Monday, March 2, 2009

Justice League of America #30

Yowch. There are some really good parts to this issue, and some parts that just confuse me. I'm still reeling from the oddball fill-in last month by Len Wein. The Shadow Thief appears and becomes central to the story pretty darn quickly, and the way he gets in seems pretty standard too, you'd think Hawkman would be clued in to that method of entry. But the Hawkgirl bit about how her mace solves most problems was excellent. I loved how Twilight decided that he would just stand there and avoid his opposite, and his anticipation of Flash's return was fun too. The coolest bit of the issue was Superman "eyeballing" how to save the Earth. That really just shows how awesome Superman is, that he's saved celestial bodies so much that he can wing it and still save the day. Awesome. Icon gets some more screen time here, which is good, I loved his old series. He makes too much sense to not be on the JLA, I figure McDuffie will add him next month. I don't know the rest of the Shadow Cabinet too well (I was a Blood Syndicate man). I am confused at seeing Wise Son in that JLA pinup at the end of the issue. He doesn't really seem like the JLA would be his cup of tea, and that is one weird team if they go that way. I think it was GL (John Stewart), Vixen, Firestorm, Flash, Icon, Dr. Light, and Wise Son. The team needs a few more folks on it, I think. This volume of JLA continues to have almost none of my favorites on each incarnation of the team. That team would have only Icon as a top draw for me.

The art is such a great copy of Ed Benes, it was actually kind of... good. I'm not a Benes fan, but this actually looked a tad stronger in places. I still think the book needs a better regular artist, but this was decent.


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