Monday, March 23, 2009

Cable #12

This is a book I'm enjoying more than I would think. It essentially only has two main characters, and it involves time travel. Both usually signify low-interest from me, but I'm actually liking the relationship between Hope and Cable. It is nice seeing how much Cable cares for his "daughter" after 5 years or so, and while Hope doesn't really act like a kid would (she's far too smart) she isn't acting like an adult either. Her frustration at Cable's expectations of mutant powers this issue was well done. There is nothing riveting about the overall story, but it is fun seeing these two wandering around the post-apocalyptic wasteland of the future Earth. There is a nice feeling of inevitable decay to the series.

Jaime McKelvie handles most of the art, and again, he doesn't have to do a lot with backgrounds, but his facial expressions were great. I loved the page showing the crashed spaceship. The feel of long-dead survivors was palpable.


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