Thursday, March 19, 2009

Terror Titans #6

The series ends kind of the only way it could. The Terror Titans are defeated (one dies). Clock King loses, but lingers to fight another day. One of the brainwashed characters helps free the young captured heroes (in a nice swerve, it is not who you think). Sean McKeever tries to give plenty of characters some payback moments to redeem them and re-establish their street cred (like Aquagirl, Static, and Hardrock), but the whole series just seems odd. Static wraps up Desaad with little difficulty, and I still am not certain when this series takes place. Ravager was consistently "herself" througout, fighting for no higher cause and doing her own thing, so I'm not sure I could say she really learned anything or developed after 6 issues. The Terror Titans themselves have matured a bit, and seem to be still viable as a villain team, but I don't really know that anything huge happened for them either. I don't understand why this couldn't have been a 6 issue arc in Titans with some more recognizable characters, instead it seems destined for value bins as a vehicle for a slew of characters not a lot of people care about. I do like Ravager on teams though, she is a fun character. I just worry that the damage to many of the folks in this is greater than is worth it. I mean, Steel couldn't stop Clock King? Really?

Joe Bennett is solid once again here as he gets to draw a ton of combat. I do really like his take on Static, and his Aquagirl was pretty nice looking too.


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