Friday, March 27, 2009

Transformers: All Hail Megatron # 7&8

This book is really coming together. Most of my complaints about the early issues revolved around the use of too many damn humans that I didn't care about and my confusion on how this fits in with the greater story by Simon Furman. Well as the series has been progressing, those issues have all been resolved. At this point, we have all Transformers, all the time. The Autobots are finally the protagonists in their own series, and the best part is the neat mix of characters we're getting. I like Furman's writing on the other books, but McCarthy is correctly focusing on the core Gen 1 characters (although I do miss Brawn and Windbreaker and Jetfire) along with a few of the more important folks to come later like Perceptor, Blaster, and of course Kup. The ony two Autos I'm not familiar with are Drift and Roadbuster, I don't remember either of them, but I'm ok with a few new characters, especially with this much time spent on classics. Iron Hide gets a lot of focus in issue 7 and Sunstreaker gets the spotlight in issue 8. This finally resolves the traitor in the Autobots story too, with an interesting choice on who the traitor is. I was sure it was going to be Prowl because of how prominently he showed up in the flashbacks, but I'm glad to be wrong. The use of flashbacks here was nice since it gave us some classic Transformers battles, and I loved seeing the messed up Autobots trapped on Cybertron with a hapless Dirge (and another Decept I didn't recognize). The main conflict is right back where it should be in this title, and humans only show up to be ripped apart by Reflector or blasted from far away by the jets.

Guido Guidi's art is great. The Transformers all look perfect, and he's fantastic at slight modifications to make the characters look modern, but still based on the toys. The coloring is worth noting too, as the colors are noticably well done. The classic cartoon colors really pop on gloomy Cybertron. This book just officially made the jump to me grabbing it in TPB.


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