Sunday, March 29, 2009

Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel #1-5

This was hardly a world-changing limited series, but it was actually ok. I haven't been impressed with Kevin Grievoux on New Warriors at all, in fact, I think that comic is terrible, but he does a much better job here. He presents a fairly balanced view of the Avengers as they try to interact with the Blue Marvel, the first prominent black super-hero. JFK asked the Marvel to retire when his skin color became public knowledge, and he complied, living in obscurity until his arch-foe (and former best friend, of course) the Anti-Man shows up. The series has some interesting timelines that I'm not sure I totally understand, as characters' ages seem a bit off and there are some other small problems, but nothing awful. I enjoyed the Blue Marvel as a guy who did the "honorable" thing once, but now is going to do the right thing. The conflict in issue 5 where Sentry tries to project his own feelings onto the Marvel was well done, and that was a heck of a fight. I don't know that the Marvel U needs another Superman-level character retroactively added into its history, but there is potential with the Marvel for sure. There is an interesting conversation with fellow "outsider" in issue 4 that put the issue in an interesting light, showing how Namor viewed the foolishness of the surface world. I wouldn't mind seeing the Marvel show up in some capacity in another book like the Initiative or Mighty Avengers.

Matt Broome drew the issues and did a fine job, although he did make some interesting choices. I'm not a big fan of either of the Blue Marvel's costumes, with the one he ends with seeming especially like a Superman suit. He also draws some of the Avengers strangely, with Wonder Man's costume looking wrong throughout.


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