Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Invincible Iron Man #10

This was a fun little issue as we find out more about the status-quo facing Tony Stark and his allies now that Dark Reign is here. I find the whole idea a bit preposterous, with Osborn using HAMMER operatives to beat down Stark Employees all over the world. But then again, didn't we see recently that HAMMER is made up of both SHIELD and Hydra folks, and I assume from last issue only the jerkiest SHIELD folks made the cut. So maybe it does make sense. But the idea of a so-obviously evil guy running HAMMER and controlling all that media spin is a bit hard to swallow, but I suppose I can go along since it is a new status quo and there will be some good stories here. I loved seeing all those Iron Man suits, and was bummed when they got blown up. I saw in an upcoming solicit that Tony gets back in his best armor ever, the Silver Centurion, so I'm hoping that Stark actually has that many suits in each one of his secret armories hidden all over the country. I got the impression that they are safe as long as they stay "dark" but that Osborn could track them if Stark starts them up again. I'm really amused at Iron Pepper, that is a pretty ridiculous head of hair on that thing, but hey, I've seen lots of Tony's friends and gal pals flying around in his suits, so it isn't that crazy. The developments with Maria Hill were predictable too, but fun. He is Tony Stark, after all.

Salvador LaRocca's art is so darn photo-realistic, I still feel like there is a lack of energy in this book. The action scenes look more like freeze frames than they do like fluid action, and I think it is affecting my feeling about the book.


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