Saturday, March 28, 2009

Captain America: Bicentennial Battles TPB

Ahh, Jack Kirby. Who else would have an insane asylum transplanted to a foreign dimension filled with "planetoids" each one inhabited by a fire-spouting demon? And have those inmates brainwash the Falcon into being their personal super-hero? Of course, Cap and a fast shooting Texan show up to help fight off the creatures AND the inmates. That story? Alamo II. I mean, the audacity to do that is just awesome. As always, Kirby's language feels like it has been badly translated, filled with unnecessary quotes, but also filled with the mad ideas and fast-hitting ideas that make his work so incredible. The opening story has Mister Buddha sending Cap on a trip through American history (and the future!) that is kind of difficult to get through, but I started loving the book again by the end. This must have been insane to follow monthly. Cap and Falcon are SHIELD operatives, but other than that, they do very little interacting with the rest of the Marvel U.

The other shocking factor is how much of a shrew Sharon Carter is. She is constantly pestering Cap about retiring and how he needs to rest. I know Kirby didn't do that with all his ladies, so the choice to do it here with Sharon makes her pretty unlikable.

The art is as dynamic and crazy as all of Kirby's work. Strange devices are used all over, and every gun looks like an odd cylinder. Always fun.


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