Wednesday, March 18, 2009

GI Joe: Cobra #1

IDW is doing a great job with their GI Joe stuff. This series is from Chuckles' point of view as he goes undercover to join Cobra. We get a nice little flashback to see Chuckles wash out of the Joe program as he's set up to become a merc and be picked up by Cobra. I really liked the take that Chuckles had been in meetings with Scarlett, Heavy Duty, and the rest, but now he's outside that world. He does get to see them briefly here, but only for a second. Chuckles is the star with Jinx being used as his contact to Hawk. Hawk once again comes across like a jerk here, but a capable one. He's not fooling around in this version of the comic. I loved some of the casual bits of dialogue here, like when Chuckles resigns himself to having to kill all the folks at his shady meeting. It was even better how he'd have loved to get a little payback on Duke. Christos Gage continues to do no wrong, he can handle Joes as well as super heroes.

The art was a little grittier than the other two Joe books, but it totally works for the series. Antonio Fuso is new to me, but I actually picked up his cover, I found it more striking than Howard Chaykin's.


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