Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wolverine Origins#33

I still don't like what this series has established, with master manipulator Romulus having been involved in every aspect of Wolverine's life. However, I am ok with the revelations this issue, showing that Romulus upgraded Wolverine in the Weapon X project to make him a super-hero killer. That's a neat concept. I'm also coming around to the fact that after Wolverine came into the presence of Charles Xavier, he has been his own man since Romulus couldn't affect Logan in proximity to such a powerful telepath. There are some neat ideas there. This issue lays most of that down in expository dialogue and flashbacks as Logan and Nick Fury talk about the events of this series in a bar. It also seems early seeds from this story are bearing fruit, as Cyclops is pretty angry about Daken wearing Wolverine's costume in the New Avengers. He heads out with a team (including Nightcrawler, Armor, and Colossus) with the Masamura blade to take out Daken once and for all. Although it seems Daken is planning that and is trying to get the blade himself. This confrontation could be pretty cool, especially since we haven't seen other characters taking on Daken too much at this point. I think I heard this book will essentially become Daken's when Wolverine: Weapon X starts, and I think that is a good move. Daniel Way has never been my favorite, but he has been moving the story along in a more brisk fashion the last few months. There is potential in exploring Daken's expanded role in the Marvel U.

Dougie Braithwaite draws this issue and it looks great. He returns to a pencil style rather than the painted look he had been using recently. I like both styles and everyone looks good here. His take on the Dark Avengers is strong.


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