Monday, March 30, 2009

Gotham Gazette #1

This was pretty decent. I used to really enjoy the issues of the bat-titles where we'd just check in on a bunch of Gotham related characters, and this does that trick well. I found it interesting that the part where I "missed" Batman the most was in the Vicki Vale story. She's so far removed and really focused on Bruce Wayne, I found myself more invested than I had been in the whole RIP thing. I've been fond of Spoiler since I first read her, so I liked her story too. Leslie Thompkins and the narrator don't really interest me, but Bullock's story seems like it could be fun. I will say that the Cavalier showing up is fun, but I can't remember if he's a full villain or if he is more a gray area. Didn't he get his back broken in Secret Six this month?

The art was top notch in this. Chris Cross was the leader of the pack with his work on Spoiler, but Jaime McKelvie and Guillem March both did really solid work too.


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