Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fantastic Four: Dark Reign #1

I think Jonathan Hickman is going to do a good job on Fantastic Four. He seems to be focusing on the Fantastic element first, with alien technology, crazy worlds, and driving exploration. He doesn't neglect to show the different personalities of the team, although he seems to have some nailed down better than others. I'm not sure I care for Sue Storm who just walks around berating her teammates in mother-hen mode. I did like Reed as a well-meaning genius who has to stop mundane tasks when he has an idea. That says it all, he can't focus on anything else, which is fun. The Torch and Thing don't do much but banter a bit in this one, and it seems fine. I am confused at Valeria's age though. It really seems like she's caught up to Franklin age-wise, did Millar do something in the main book? I'm waiting for the trade. The Dark Reign concept is only tangentially related at this point, but man, Osborn is a real jerk here once again, gleefully announcing that the FF are no longer Initiative sanctioned and he orders HAMMER to take them out. I'm really hating that guy.

Sean Chen is one of my favorites, and his work looks decent here. The inks seem a little dark in places though, so I'd bet this is not his usual inker.


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