Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ghost Rider: Danny Ketch #5

So I understand Danny Ketch is now working for Zadkiel (who we see here as an armored angel). Dan will be roaming the world, seeking out the ancient warriors of vengeance and absorbing their power for Zadkiel to use in his war to take over Heaven. It is interesting that the whole point of the series was to set up Danny as an addict, and show how Zadkiel meticulously plotted to make sure Danny could feed his need for the GR power, yet make Danny feel like he was a hero for doing it. I liked that Danny is going after his brother first, since he deep down knows that this is bunk and that he shouldn't be Ghost Rider like this. It is hard to really like Danny after reading this mini, which kind of stinks. He was always "my" Ghost Rider, but now I have no real choice but to be in Johnny Blaze's corner. Danny has potential for redemption, he is a manipulated addict after all, but the series did its job in explaining how Dan could come down on the wrong side. The Mister 11 character is a neat one, he's a jerk, but it seems he is not totally evil either. I'm confident he'll show up in Ghost Rider, the question is what side? This series is probably a bargain bin trade for me, as I don't think it is an essential story that needed to be told, but it was harmless and had some good scenes.

Javier Saltares blue Ghost Rider took a long time to show up, but that is one cool design, incorporating the old 90s look with a more villainous appearance.


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