Friday, March 13, 2009

She-Hulk #38

Well, the Peter David run on She-Hulk is cancelled, with Jennifer Walters going back to the old status quo of having no outstanding record and returning to the hero game with the Lady Liberators. I'm not as clear on her lawyer-status and if she has been disbarred, but I suppose that is pretty easy to clean up at some point. David keeps Jazinda in the picture, letting her escape the government and head off at the end of the issue, with her never really explaining her feelings for She-Hulk. Incidentally, She-Hulk's obliviousness to Jaz's feelings was an amusing element for some months now, that was pretty good since usually the unrequited love character is the target of the protagonist rather than the other way around. One thing David did really well in these issues was his handling of the Lady Liberators. The idea of She-Hulk forming a pro-active team of lady heroes is awesome, and the interactions of the main four characters was always entertaining. Even with Valkrie and Thundra's similar outlooks, they were different enough to stand out. I'd love to see more of this team, maybe even adding in a few more characters like Photon, Ms. Marvel, or Tigra. I know my 4 year old daughter would love to see more of this concept. Surely if a cheesecake artist drew it, that type of book could sell? I think it is a great concept to follow up on. As far as this series goes, David ends the comic on a meta-note, with unseen shadowy figures "cancelling the Book" referring to supporting character Mallory Book. David was never a perfect fit on this title, but his run was decent enough. Let's hope the new gray She-Hulk doesn't replace Jennifer for the long haul, since she remains one of my favorite characters in the Marvel U.

Steven Scott would have been a good artist to have the last few months, as his storytelling is clear and everyone looks pretty good. I bought a MA: Avengers page from Scott last year, I'll have to see if he has any She-Hulk pages available in Charlotte this year.


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