Friday, March 20, 2009

4-Year Old Reviews Tiny Titans #14

I like Inky on the cover. He doesn't look like he's going to spray. He looks happy because a heart is above his head. Why does he (Psimon) have shoes now? He always flew. I like that the bull has the same suit as Wonder Girl. I like unicorns. I like that Wonder Woman is on the page. I liked Cyborg's vacuum. I haven't seen Cyborg in awhile. They are saying spppllllll. She wants him to turn into a dog because she likes dogs. She wants to have a dog. I'm not scared of the mom who wants to cook them. Why do they have one eye? I like Alfred and Kroc's cakes. They sure didn't know that monster was so scary! I don't like anything about the monster.

This issue was fantastic and good.

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Tori Spinoso said...

Great review, Allison. I might need to read that comic now! Gracie likes the cover!