Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Deadpool #8

Just how crazy is Deadpool supposed to be? He experiences multiple lapses with reality this issue, some funny, some not so much. I did really enjoy Deadpool's acquisition of Iron Man's chest plate. The whole sequence with him slowly being pulled up the staircase was amusing too. I'd say Daniel Way's jokes are working most of the time, but I wouldn't mind seeing a bit more straight-up action too. That said, Way has used Tiger Shark, Agent Bob, and now the Tbolts, so he's not being too skimpy with the fighting either.

I would have liked to have seen more Thunderbolts in this tie-in (since that's why I picked up this issue), but it seems that will happen more in the upcoming issues. I also think I know how this will end, at some point, Osborn is going to just pay Wade to stay away. He will eventually realize that DP won't give up, and that paying Wade is the easiest solution.

Paco Medina is a little too cartoony, but he gets the point across and he handles action well.


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