Saturday, March 7, 2009

Captain America #47

This issue sort of suffers from mid-storyline-itis. It was fine, but not a lot happened. Winter Soldier's grand plan ends up being pretty simple, and pretty simple to stop. It's all about Namor as the backup, and when the smokey Chinese agent takes the Avenging Son out of the picture, it's all over. I would have liked to have seen that fight, since Namor is supposed to be immensely powerful. I mean, I know it is not his book, but Winter Cap's plan had Namor in a pretty essential role, so I think we could use a little more of that. I did enjoy Black Widow rolling in as Plan B, I hope she gets involved in the confusion. The whole fire-virus is a neat idea, and particularly brutal against Namor in our cliffhanger, but I am still hoping that we get a resurrected Human Torch out of this.

Steve Epting's art is so dark and moody, I still can't believe this is Cap. I'm a Steve Rogers man, and while I respect and enjoy the darkness of Winter Cap, I do miss the brighter days of Garney and Lim.


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