Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blue Beetle #36

I don't want to say the series ended with a whimper, because it was fine, but certainly this book should have been cancelled after John Rogers finished his story with issue 25. Matt Sturges' issues were fun and really tried to tap the same fun vein, but it seemed like it was doomed after 25. I'm just not sure there is room for a fun type book like this now, and I know I was always kind of confused by the new Dr. Polaris (where is the old one?) This last two parter featuring other bearers of the scarabs was a nice callback to the best parts of this series, so I did enjoy it. I'm not sure we needed to see Beetle's science team come to such a rough end (one dead, one turning villain), especially since I can barely remember their names, but that seems to be the DC status quo. I did like that Sturges kept up with the constant call outs to Dan Garrett and Ted Kord.

Carlo Barbieri's art felt a lot like Albuquerque's so the book ended looking right.


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