Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Walking Dead #59

Every time Walking Dead comes out, it is the first comic I read. Today I read it while waiting in line at a drive-thru for lunch. I will re-read it in a more relaxed setting, but on first read this was another strong issue. Morgan is not a well man, although I totally understand where he's coming from. He seems like he's really trying to be sane, but seeing Carl and Rick in such similar circumstances to what he and his son went through would be agonizing. The contrast of Rick and Morgan is made very clear when they have to flee their first herd, as Morgan is panicking and yelling while Rick calmly determines the best escape. I love Abraham's actions to try and save Carl too. Abraham is such an interesting character, so unlikable one issue, but now I'm really growing fond of the big maniac. The best thing about this issue is that the dead are the main threat. It is easy to dismiss the single roaming and wandering zombies, but when Rick sees his first herd, we know the cast is in trouble again. I can't recommend this series enough for zombie fans, or any fan of survival horror.

Charlie Adlard draws this issue again, conveying the mood as perfectly as he always does. It's hard finding new things to say about such a consistent, solid artist.


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