Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ms. Marvel #36

I still can't tell those two spies apart. The book is firmly back in Ms. Marvel as a spy territory, and I am totally uninterested once again. I don't mind Osborn being a foil (albeit through an LMD), but this approach is too confusing for me. I can't keep any of the characters straight, because they all have fake names and spy handles. I need a simple super-hero book here, and I'm getting something way more confusing. Maybe I'm an idiot, but I just can't make myself care enough to be invested in the gradual de-powering of Ms. Marvel. At this point, I'm ready for Moonstone to take over as the lead, maybe that will lead to a shake up in the types of stories we're getting here.

Pat Oliffe is a solid penciller, although I wish he had more super-stuff to draw. He also is drawing Ms. Marvel's chest as a pair of watermelons falling out of her dresses, which is not Oliffe's usual style. I'm amused by it, but confused too, since he usually doesn't play up that aspect of his heroines.


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