Saturday, March 7, 2009

G.I. Joe #2

RIP GI Joe member that I actually don't know. I suppose there are some later guys I don't know, but I was really worried about Dusty, since he'd had just enough of a speaking part to be a good target for death this issue, but he made it so far. I'm liking the use of Destro as the first villain too, instead of Cobra. It's a nice twist from what we all know and it could lead to Destro being even more of a tough villain (if that's possible). I'm unclear on his current relationship with Baroness though, I always liked that she was in Cobra before he was, I hope Dixon maintains that. The chase scene was pretty fun too, with Stalker, Leatherneck, and Recondo (that is one rough team, I have got to figure they'll get their guy). I would have liked a bit more characterization from them, but there are a lot of folks to pack in here. I'm not sure why Brainstorm or whatever the science guy has such a big part, was he an old toy? I don't remember him. I'm loving the slow intro to the Cobra conflict and I want to know more about the teams. It seems that the officer types have sub-teams? So far we've got Stalker with Recondo and Leatherneck, Duke with Beach Head and Flin, and Shipwreck with Deep Six and Torpedo. Then possibly Airtight Dusty and Frostbite as some mechanic team too. Time for the Chaplains Asst. Motorpool!

Robert Atkins' art is pretty uneven here. There are panels that look great, but some shots have really lumpy faces and some strange anatomy. His attention to detail on the good parts show that he'll be a fine artist for this, but I do think there are some weak spots.


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