Friday, March 6, 2009

War Machine #3

What a roller-coaster of quality this book is. I liked #1, hated #2, and here in issue #3 I'm back to liking it. Of course, a big reason why this issue is so good is the appearance of Ares. Once again, Osborn finds out he can barely aim Ares in a direction, because he certainly won't listen to Osborn's orders. It's so fun reading about a maniac who cares more about the fight than the outcome. The tank-tossing and point-blank machine gunning was pretty fun here, and I loved that Ares recognizes War Machine as a kindred spirit. It's neat seeing how opposed Rhodey is to the idea too, but at this point I think Ares is right. I was very pleased to see how the first villain's story resolved, since he was WAY too much like Ezekiel Stane to be a viable villain. He was practically the same guy! On a detailed note, I believe ex-SHIELD agent Jake Oh was featured in Agents of Atlast very briefly, correct? I wonder why he's noted as an important character in the recap when he hasn't done too much yet. I assume he will become more important as we move along.

Leonardo Manco's art was great in this one. Ares looked like a balls out crazy maniac, and even better, a maniac enjoying himself. I was also pleased that the snap-together War Machine from last issue went away quickly and Rhodey was back to a normal WM look. There is no reason to have your lead popping parts on and off like a Lego.


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