Friday, March 13, 2009

New Avengers: The Reunion #1

Jim McCann is doing a good thing for us here. Mockingbird and Hawkeye (I won't call him Ronin) are a fun couple. I enjoy the hound-dog tenacity Hawkshows through the issue when he just won't leave Mockingbird alone. It's a nice interaction, because clearly Mockingbird doesn't REALLY want to be alone, she keeps going through the motions of pushing him away, but I've got to think she likes having the help. I was impressed with the simple things that seemed to trigger Mockingbird's flashbacks. It would make sense that something like an alarm going off would be as likely to trigger a flashback as being mobbed by baddies. Hawkeye is portrayed well throughout too. I loved the interaction with Winter Cap, with Hawkeye respecting the suit, but being a little unsure on the guy wearing it. I loved Hawk mentioning that he could have been Cap if he chose to do it, which was a great dig on Winter Cap. I also liked how dismissive he was of Winter Cap's opinions since Cap was a sleeper agent for most of his life. The main thing I liked about the issue is that Hawkeye was as much an archer as anything else here. I HATE that Ronin suit, it makes 0 sense for the character, so the faster we get Clint back in purple, the better. This series could be setting up that kind of return to greatness for the character. I've always had a soft spot for this couple, I was so upset as they worked through their Phantom Rider problems back in the day. I'm pleased to see them headlining together again.

David Lopez draws people with such sad, tired eyes. I don't mind too much, since these heroes would be run down, but I hope he doesn't overdo it. I like Mockingbird's new costume ok, but I prefer her old one. That old mask was awesome and I loved her big sleeves. I was pleased to see her using the battle-staves again.


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