Thursday, March 5, 2009

Green Lantern Corps #33

Tomasi does a great job once again with the newest issue of GLC. I love the development with Kyle Rayner that makes so much sense. He loves being in love. That makes a lot of sense based on what we've seen from the guy over the past few years. Soranik Natu is a nice love interest for him too, she seems to be helping him deal with his anguish at all the lantern deaths over the past few months. I did notice that Jade was showing up in the Origins and Omens backup, so I guess we have another Black Lantern on our hands. Man, you could make up the whole Black Lantern Corps with dead girlfriends and wives of the Earth-based GLs! The main plot with Mongul and Arkillo was entertaining, but I'm much more interested in the downtime developments on Oa. The corps members desire to help Kyle with his art was a great idea that really showed the diverse alien cops in a human light, making them all more likable. That's what I look for in this comic, and the world and character building was so well done, this is one of my favorite comics from last month.

Patrick Gleason has been rock solid on this book for years now. I'm loving that we have a GOOD artist who is willing to put out consistent work every month.


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