Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tangent: Superman's Reign #12

The series ends as it lived, ok, but not fantastic. It seems the spotlight is on random New Earth characters and now that they're involved they make fairly short work of the Tangent Superman and his allies. I don't really think this series deserved 12 issues, it was pretty padded at the end. I'm also puzzled by the backups in issues 1-11, I got the impression it was a big setup of the Nightwing organization, or did that all take place before issue #1? It may have been obvious, but I missed it somehow. I was also surprised by the fairly high body-count for Tangent characters. Some are just captured, but Batman and a few others died as the series went on too. Very strange. I enjoyed the original Tangent Universe, but this return to the characters hasn't ever been that strong. I just don't think the ideas are strong enough to be worth looking at repeatedly. This conclusion really felt like a by-the-numbers ending where Batman's plan allows everything to be cleaned up on schedule. Overall, I will be passing on the TPB of this one.

Carlos Magno's art is weird here. Some panels almost looked like Pat Oliffe, especially the action sequences, and that is a good thing. Other parts were very sketchy and harder to follow. Magno's ladies weren't quite as endowed as his ladies in Countdown, so it seems he is lowering those cheesecake tendencies.


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