Monday, March 16, 2009

Solomon Grundy #1

As a writer, Scott Kolins is a hell of an artist. I hate to be harsh to one of my all-time favorite pencillers, but this story was just ok. I really don't know who was clamoring for a story about evil, murdering Grundy, frankly I just want to see him get smashed around. I do like that Alan Scott has no pity for the monster too, frankly, no one should pity him, he's an evil evil murderer that kills again in this issue. The whole appeal has to be seeing Grundy go up against other DC characters like Etrigan this issue and it looks like another big-time villain next issue. In that respect, it will be a great opportunity for Kolins to show off his artistic chops. I just can't get too interested in the overall plot because I don't care. I will give credit for Etrigan's rhymes though, they were well done. I may check in on this again later, but I'm not seeing anything that has me riveted enough to commit to the trade right now.

Again, Kolins' art is fantastic. His hyper-detailed style is perfect for this issue. He draws some mean looking gators, and his Etrigan is fantastic.


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