Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Secret Warriors #2

I'm not sure I care for the core concept that Nick Fury's entire time as Director of SHIELD was secretly run by Hydra. It smacks of those "Everything You Know is Wrong!" type stories that can often be damaging to old stories. That said, Hickman seems to be honoring a lot of old stories here, bringing in old characters and referencing old stories from back in the Steranko days. Strucker is calling in all the old leaders of SHIELD, from the classic to the modern and he seems to be respecting the current status quos for each. I do have a problem with the main Secret Warriors team. They are too young. I understand they are supposed to be uninitiated and free of outside influence, but having a team where the field leader is 19 just doesn't fit in with a spy book. I think Black Widow or someone like that would make a lot more sense. I also wonder where all of Fury's trusted sidekicks are. Gabe, Dum Dum, the Contessa, Clay Quartermain, the Gaffer, I'd like to see any and all of these folks show up helping Fury with his personal quest. (What happened to Gail Runciter? Was she killed in Fury vs. SHIELD? There are a ton of good agents out there available for use). Phobos does have some odd predictions for the Secret Warriors in this issue, and I'm actually hoping they come true sooner rather than later so the title can focus on some more established spies. Ooh, what about Dominic Fortune! Fantomex! Surely the Spymaster has to show up sometime. So many possibilities. I'm still determining if I'll pick up this trade yet. One more issue should decide it for me.

Caselli's take on Baron Strucker and the Satan's Claw is fantastic. I miss Caselli on The Initiative, as he has a great style for action and his over the top facial expressions work well when he has to bring the drama.


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