Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Batman: Battle for the Cowl #1

Yowch. Nightwing is now competent, but grumpy. The post-RIP stuff continues to come across poorly to me, as now even more folks are acting out of character. I also couldn't follow the text boxes, I'm unclear on which character was in the blue and yellow-oval batsuit chasing down the imposter Batman (was that Robin?) When did Damian get to be so "in" with all the Bat-folk? Didn't the Birds of Prey break up? Doesn't having Poison Ivy encourage Killer Croc to eat people make her a difficult sell as a protagonist in the upcoming Gotham Sirens? I'm also pretty annoyed that Black Mask is back again. He's been killed and come back about a half-dozen times at this point. Blowing up Arkham is getting pretty old too (but at least the Great White Shark was sprung, he even had some lines!) I've got to assume the military Batman is Jason Todd, but I am still annoyed he's even around, so I'm not happy to see him. This is a bad comic that seems to have no point. At one point I would have loved the idea of "the Network" a group of bat-allies doing their best. But I've got to think if Chuck Dixon and Doug Moench and Alan Grant were writing them, they probably would have been a lot more competent.

The art was very strange. Look at Robin's face on the cover. He looks surprised to be there! Catwoman also has a very strange expression, only Nightwing seems to realize he's on a comics cover. Tony Daniel is a very uneven artist, and that shows again here.


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