Saturday, February 28, 2009

Batman Confidential #26

This was pretty fun. It is nice reading a classic, non-world changing Batman story once in awhile, and this delivers. While I'm not sure I love the idea of silly TV show-villain King Tut being a martial arts-murderer, I am happy to see him being used. The high point is how Riddler shows up here. He's competent and charming, actually, and I loved how he interacted with Bats and Gordon. He is loose from Arkham at the end, but I'd bet he ends up helping Batman by the end of the story. I also wonder about the woman "Leigh" who shows up, since she seems to be the only non-core character who doesn't die this issue. That's got to mean she is important to the plot somehow, right? I'm going to read one more, and if it holds up as strongly as this issue, then I will probably grab this out of dollar bins this summer (since Confidential doesn't seem to get traded regularly).

The Garcia-Lopez/Nowlan team does some great work here. I loved the look of the Batmobile. Batman looked good too, but Commissioner Gordon looked great.


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