Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Walking Dead #58

Robert Kirkman has made it clear that there is as much to fear from the survivors as there is from the dead in the world of the Walking Dead. Abraham's story is awful, because you just know that's how things would go down in a world of zombies situation. I do like the bonding that Rick, Abraham, and even Carl can have, as men surviving and trying to protect their tribes in this awful world, people who haven't had their "switch go off" as Rick puts it would not be able to survive. I'm worried about the rest of the group splitting up, but who knows what will happen before Rick and the supply team get back. We do see the survivors from early in the series again, but not exactly how we'd expect. I'm avoiding spoilers, but I don't fault Morgan anything for what he does. I think Kirkman is probably expressing some feelings about his new fatherhood in this book, and I don't blame him for the choices he's having his characters make. And for the record, I don't think Eugene is a doctor or knows how the zombie plague started. He's a zombie movie buff or something and is totally faking.

Charlie Adlard does a great job this issue. He's got long panels of just talking, as Abraham and Rick exchange their stories, but I couldn't look away, the anguish on their faces was well done.


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