Tuesday, February 10, 2009

X-Men: Kingbreaker #2

Chris Yost's second issue has more happening. The Starjammers start actually taking their own fate in their hands, which is nice. I'm also enjoying the teases about Gladiator and Lillandra. I'm not sure what the history is between them, but I'm intrigued. Gladiator is always neat, and in this issue we see a female counterpart who seems pretty reckless and destructive. She's leading a team of aliens (one of which seems to be a symbiote) that Vulcan sends after the rebel Starjammers. I liked the use of Marvel races in making this new strikeforce, but I'm really interested to see how Oracle and the other Imperial Guardsmen react to Vulcan's evil. He's getting more and more out of control, and I'm hoping that at least a few of the Guard will switch sides during War of Kings. The story isn't fantastic, but it is solid.

Dustin Weaver's art is fine. He's got some Al Rio influence to his artwork, seen most clearly in his take on Rachel Grey. But the story is clear and the anatomy looks good, so I have no complaints.


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