Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Titans #10

There was time I would gave gone nuts reading a JLA vs. the Titans fight drawn by Howard Porter. I will say, that even with the DCU being what it is for me these days, this issue wasn't too bad. Jericho continues body-hopping around between the two teams. One thing I like about Jericho is that while he's competent using other people's powers, he is never better than they are, and that holds true here. There is a great bit with Superman overpowering Jericho's possession, because, well, he's Superman. That was pretty cool. But the resolution of Jericho just fading away? Really? This has been 3 or 4 issues now (with 4 more from DCU Decisions if you think about it). And the heroes couldn't catch him. Kind of surprising. In fact, if you look a the Titans' record in this series so far, they are just not that impressive. They barely beat anyone they fight. Winick's writing is ok here, I'm ok with his portrayals of most of the characters, although I would have liked Firestorm having a bit more to do since he's SO powerful.

Howard Porter's art was decent, with a few panels of the Flash ALMOST looking like his old JLA energy-filled work. I do like his take on the big heroes. I do think the Titans regular artist should draw women a tad hotter (with Donna, Starfire, and Raven all on the team), but he has the action down.


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