Friday, February 6, 2009

Fables TPB #11

Bill Willingham writes the most reasonable dialogue in comics. This trade is filled with people explaining themselves, not getting upset, and pretty much just letting a great plan come together. There are still surprises and drama, but throughout everyone is calm and stoic (he did this in his Shadowpact issues too). Robert Kirkman is the only other author I can think of who comes close.

I'm also amazed that this trade ends the ongoing Empire storyline. This whole series is about Fabletown vs. the Empire, so I'm puzzled how we can move forward with the central premise of the series irrevocably changed. What will be the driving force? Will lead characters change? I'm not sure, but I have faith in Willinghham.

I'd say the high points of the book were the initial layout of the Fables' 3-stage plan, and then the fantastic battles of the Emperor vs. Bigby. And our narrator Boy Blue (who would have thought he'd be this awesome?) gets to do some cool stuff too. I really dug the awkward pettiness from Blue's early rejection too, he's a normal guy, and that was a pretty common response.

Mark Buckingham's art is fantastic throughout, but it shines during the Cinderella espionage sequence. Those two issues have that great 60's vibe that all good spy stories need, and her page borders (glass slippers, of course) were fantastic.


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