Friday, February 20, 2009

Guardians of the Galaxy #10

Damn. DnA have done it again. This issue was fantastic. Last issue's cliffhanger picks up nicely as Rocket and the team ride to the rescue to help out Jack Flagg and Star Lord, and they promptly... leave. I love it. The team just tells Mr. Fantastic what's up and gets out. Classy. The running gag where no one believes the Guardians are a real team is a fantastic one, and I'm liking the possibilities of some kind of relationship with Star Lord and Mantis, that could be fun. I do hope Rocket gets to keep some kind of a leadership role even after SL gets back, he's been a heckuva leader. With all the excitement going on in the A plot, it is easy to overlook how masterfully DnA have woven the B plot of Warlock and Gamorra's face off with the Church of Truth. That's how War of Kings will be brought into the book, and I can't wait.

Brad Walker's art is a really great fit for the title. His take on Blastaar and his hordes was fantastic. I hope we get to see Jack Flagg in uniform soon.


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