Sunday, February 22, 2009

Astonishing Tales #1

Wow. This book has a bunch of stories by writers and artists that should not be getting published work right now. I like most of the characters involved in this issue (Punisher, Wolverine, Iron Man, Arno Stark, Cannonball and Sunspot) and yet I have NO desire to see how any of these stories continue. Is it a weakness of the format that these 8 pagers are just terrible? Some are boring (Arno Stark), some don't make sense with confusing art (Punisher and Wolverine), some are just pointless (Iron Man, Sunspot and Cannonball). I'm not sure, but I'm checking out after one issue.

The art is by 4 or 5 guys whose names I didn't recognize. I think they could conceivably be fine on stories a little more... standard. This was a stinker.


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