Friday, February 27, 2009

Thunderbolts #129

So far, this is the best of a pretty good week. This issue picks up with Green Goblin attacking Obama, Norman Osborn, and Doc Samson, only Samson has been "hulked out" by Ant Man last issue, and is pretty much out of control. The whole attack has been carefully orchestrated by Osborn to impress Obama and discredit Samson. During the fight, Samson is pushed out of Air Force One and disappears, but even after the smoke clears, Osborn hardly has a blank check. He tries bad mouthing SHIELD and talking about how impressive HAMMER is, and Obama seems pretty suspicious right away. It seems like it could be a fun back and forth if Diggle stays with it. The rest of the issue is team-building as Paladin, Ant Man, and the Headsman seem to be a little more laid back and mercenary, wanting to get paid and drink beer, while Ghost and Black Widow II are more focused. There could be some fun interactions with this crew coming up, especially since I'm uncertain just how evil Ant Man and Paladin are willing to be. Surely there is a moral line for them somewhere? The big surprise for me is the return of a classic Tbolt that Diggle handled well in the past. I had assumed this character was out of the book for good, and seeing them show up again was pretty exciting. I'm hoping we may get some sort of reunion group of the old Tbolts (and maybe Doc Samson) as a counter-team to take out Osborn. There is a ton of potential in this book.

Roberto De La Torre's art is murky, but the action is clear. I loved his look for Headsman, kind of a redneck with the big moustache look. This is one of the best books Marvel is putting out right now.


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