Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Avengers #49

Well, I will admit I didn't see that coming. Last issue Luke Cage made a deal with the devil/Norman Osborn that he would work with him if they helped him get his kid back. Norman held up his end of the deal, pretty darn quickly. So Cage turns around and attacks the Dark Avengers and runs off. The whole time Norman is in shock that Cage didn't keep his word. I'm a little surprised too. I mean, I'm not so naive that I think heroes can't lie, but man, Cage didn't even try. I actually hope there are some repercussions, because Captain America sure wouldn't do that. Very surprising. I do kind of like the role Bendis has Clint Barton taking on the New Avengers team: leader. Barton is the most interested in the Dark Avengers, and he won't stand for them ruining his team's good name. That's a fun character bit that is going to lead directly into a big confrontation next issue. I don't really see how this ongoing antagonism will work on an ongoing basis, but at least it is entertaining.

Billy Tan's artwork is ok, but I'm not a fan of his style. Stuart Immonen takes over with issue 50, and I think the book will improve when he comes on. The story is sticking to the stuff Bendis does well, short staccato bits of action followed by personal drama, and when he sticks to that his books are pretty decent.


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