Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Secret Six #6

I didn't see this one coming. A LOT happens this issue, stuff that conceivably could change the way this book functions, and I won't spoil what I mean. The Junior situation is resolved fairly quickly, with Bane staying strong for his few lines of dialogue this issue. We find out more about Jeannette, and she's got a pretty neat origin. She's a banshee with an unhealthy fascination with death (and therefore, with Deadshot). She's coming onto Deadshot pretty hard the whole issue, calling him her "knight of death" and other creepy lines, so that could be a twisted little relationship. Gail Simone also brings back an old friend/foe of the Six, an ex-member who has a bone to pick with the team, and it is a lot of fun seeing this twisted little guy again. Simone writes him better than anyone else. Should I be scared that Simone is so good at writing sick characters? Maybe, but that twisted nature is what makes this book so riveting, along with the fact that we can totally root for the flawed leads because everyone around them is so much worse.

Nicola Scott's artwork is as strong as ever. Standout panels include Jeannette's origin, which was CREEPY and the Scandal's quick response when things go bad late in the issue. The Origins and Omens backup was a bit confusing, since I didn't know the scarred Oan (called "Scar" - ugh) was revealed as a follower of the Black Lanterns, but oh well. It's fine for what it is, but the main story is better.


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